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Tatiyana Fox and Leilani Leeane

Last updated: April 5th, 2017

Hey there guys and welcome back. Leilani Leeane is here to greet you with another one of her scene and for another superb gallery, you get to see her in the middle of another threesome. As you know by now, miss Leeane always has the best of the best shows to show off to you and this week was no different either. There’s always some kinky fucking that goes down when she’s involved and she always looks gorgeous while doing it too. Well let’s get to see her and another one of her buddies fucking a guy hard without delay and you get to see miss Leilani Leean do what she does best, namely have some amazingly hot and juicy fuck sessions on camera!

Once more they get to go to her place and Leilani with the other ebony cutie just start to suck the guy’s cock. They have little issue to get him rock hard for their pussies and you can rest assured that they made the guy use that white big cock of his to plow them endlessly in today’s scene. See them bending over and moaning in pleasure while he goes in balls deep in their pussies and fucks them nice and thorough for this gallery. Well that’s about it for now as always, but you know that you can come back next week once more and see another superb show unfold for you and the cameras. We’ll see you again soon with more Leinani’s action scenes!


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Leilani Leeane – Naked Car Wash

Another fresh week and time to see another new Leilani Leeane scene with the one and only ebony beauty! Today she decided that her big SUV needed a good cleaning and scrubbing down so she set out to clean the car. As she was preparing, one of her good buddies decided to drop by and pay her a visit and asked what she was doing. Well since she explains it, her fuck buddy here decided to join in this session and have fun with her. So that’s how today’s scene with miss Leilani Leeana cleaning her car turned into a strip session with tons of teasing and then the two babes enjoying one another’s bodies on the hood of her big car too all naked and moaning!


As the two beauties head to the car, the only thing that they are sporting is some nice and sensual looking bikinis that make them look smoking hot to say the least. As they soap up the car they get themselves nice and wet too. And you can rest assured that they forgot about cleaning the car pretty fast too. Well, either way, the begin to remove the swimsuits and you can see their perfect and sexy naked bodies now and them starting to play with one another as they pour soapy water on each other. And then as we said, watch them fingering each other on the hood of the car. have fun and do come back again next week for another new update!

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Sexy in Black

This week’s scene has another one on one fuck session with Leilani Leeane and another lucky guy. You know that she adores to go out and get herself some big dicked guys to fuck. Well this time she had another one all to herself on her couch and you can bet that she got to ride his big cock throughout the whole scene today. Well let’s just take the time to sit back and relax. As you know you always get front row seats to miss Leeane’s scenes too. And you’ll notice that she got to sport her sexy black lingerie once again as she was riding cock this evening too. Anyway, let’s sit back and watch the adorable and sexy miss Lelani Leeane have some nasty fun for you!


Take your time to see that whole foreplay too as the babe comes though the door with the guy and begins to kiss and caress on her way to the couch. By the time she was there, the guy was all naked and she was just in her panties and thigh highs too. So watch her putting those thick luscious lips to some good work and you can watch her sucking and slurping on his meat pole with a passion to get him all nice and hard. Well after that’s nice and done with, check out Leilani riding that cock cowgirl style and moaning in pleasure as that cock slams her tight wet cunt today. There will be more of the hot and sexy Leinali to see next week too so do come by!

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Leilani Leeane Lesbian

Today it’s all girls fun with miss Leilani Leeane and her fuck buddies. She and two of her friends got to spend some relaxing times together exploring their bodies for the whole duration and you get to see it all go down. One of the babes was all white as you can see while the other is another ebony cutie. But that’s the beautiful thing here as the white cutie contrasted the two lovely ladies perfectly. Also you will recognize the other Ebony babe as miss Ana Foxxx too. Anyway, let’s see the sexy and sensual Leilanni Leanne in some juicy lesbian action for this week’s scene and you can enjoy the sight of this trio of hot babes playing with one another!


As our fine ladies make their entry to the scene and heading to Leilani’s big queen size bed, you can see them sporting just some small and sexy, revealing outfits. Pretty much right from the start they start to come off as it seems that our little babes are eager to start playing. The blonde seems to be the center of attention though as the two lovely ladies undress her and play with her body. And before she end she ends up in the middle of this interracial sandwich with Ana and Leilani. So enjoy this hot and sexy lesbian threesome and do come back again for more next week! Miss Leinali will have more incredible and hot updates for you to check out and enjoy too!

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Twerk Time

Hey there again everyone. It’s about time to check out a brand new and fresh scene with Leilani Leeane here and as you can see, this time she gets to star and take part in a hot and sexy threesome. She and a buddy were enjoying a day out, but the babe remembered she had to pick up her car from the repair shop. So as the two dropped by that place to get the car, their mechanic greeted them and they were smitten on the spot. From there to having their way with him was a short road so let’s watch Leilane Leeane and her buddy fuck this lucky stud hard this afternoon without delay. You just have to see this juicy threesome happen!


Well as the scene commences the babes were already on his sides flanking him and not letting him go anywhere posing more and more lewd questions. Well the guy figures what they want so he just goes with them. See the two horny babes whip out his cock and check them out sucking and slurping on his dick to make him rock hard today. Well they need to share that cock for this scene so you can sit back and then see them as they get to patiently take turns to ride his hard meat cowgirl style in today’s lovely gallery. We’ll have more for you next week to see, rest assured. So come on by and check it out. If you liked this scene check out the http://africanfucktour.net/ site and see some slutty African chicks riding big cocks!

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Leilani Leeane Fuck

Hey there guys. Welcome back once more to miss Leilani Leeane and her lovely adventures in the world of porn. In this new and fresh gallery our ebony cutie got to receive a nice and thorough dicking this afternoon and she enjoyed every single moment of it as well. Well she picked herself up a nice stud too with a thick cock and it seems that she was in the mood to enjoy some juicy white chocolate this evening. Well you can rest assured that lovely and sexy miss Leilani Leeann here had little to do to seduce the guy as no one in their right mind would say no to a nice and long fuck session with this ebony beauty here tonight!


When the cameras start to roll, the busty and cute Leilani makes her entry to the living room with the guy. And it seems that at how horny she was and eager to get herself some white cock, she settled for the couch instead of the bed. So let’s watch her making quick work of her dress and then see her keep just her thigh highs and garter belt on as the rest comes off, showing off her perky all natural tits and her eager pussy. After some nice cock sucking and getting her pussy eaten by the guy, you can see her sweet pussy plowed balls deep as she moans in pleasure today. She’ll be back soon with more, so for now just discover what went down in this one! If you liked this scene check out the http://povblowjobs.org/ site and see other beauties getting fucked and sucking some seriously big fat cocks!

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Nothing But String

Leilani Leeane is back once more with some juicy action for you and she knows what you want to see it. The busty and curvaceous ebony hottie is all ready to expose that body for the cameras one more time today and she has quite the show lined up for the occasion. Since it was a nice and hot day outside, she went to the back yard pool and once there, you got to see her play in the warm water under the sun for the whole afternoon. And you can bet that with this she also got to wear one sizzling hot and sexy black bikini too. and a summer hat. That was needed to cover her noggin from the hot rays. Anyway, Let’s get to see Leilani Leene showing off to you all in her scene here.

As soon as she makes her entry she’s all prepared to have fun. And to start off, the cute babe Leilani gets to parade her new sexy bikini around for you for a bit before she gets wet. So enjoy the view of her body from multiple angles in this one and then see her entering the pool to cool off. With the black summer hat still on of course. Well either way it just makes her look cute and sexy at the same time and you just have to see those simply amazingly beautiful curves of hers all nice and wet today too. We’ll be back soon with another update featuring your favorite ebony porn-star and until then you can have fun with this one everyone!


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Leilani Leeane video from Reality Kings

Last updated: March 31st, 2017
Good evening, everyone! Our ebony babe got her sexy ass pounded once again on this Leilani Leeane video from Reality Kings. She has lots of experience in this field and you can pretty much bet that you will be in for one wild ride with this simply stunning babe tonight. Sit back and enjoy her put her skills to demonstration once more as she will get her sweet pussy fucked by a lucky guy in this week’s superb update.

You get to see this sexy ebony babe as shesucks the guy’s cock while he fingers her sexy ass, and then the moment that you want to see comes. Sit back and watch this lady ride the guy’s cock to exhaustion today as she slides up and down his cock hard style for the whole afternoon! As the scene starts off, you get to see her dropping down on her knees and wrapping her juicy lips around that huge cock, sucking and slurping on it until it would be as hard as steel. Then she will go on top of him, stuffing her eager pussy with that huge cock. Leilani will ride and fuck this lucky stud to exhaustion and will  take his cum load on her talented tongue in end. We hope you will enjoy it and see you guys next time! If you can't wait until the next week's post, check out the Mike Adriano site and see some horny sluts getting their tight asses fucked!

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Leilani Leeane porn video from Naughty America

Hello, my friends! This week we bring a great fuck session with horny Leilani Leeane that you definitely don’t want to miss! So let’s not waste any more time and start with our great new show for tonight, just sit back and watch this great porn video from Naughty America.

On this video, Danny doesn’t remember anything about last night when he woke up besides some sexy clothes. When Leilani appears, wearing only her pink bra and those sexy panties, he definitely regrets the amnesia. But let me tell you how everything happened: so here they are, starting to kiss for a little bit, while he’s massaging her tits and she’s going for his already stiffed cock. She starts rubbing and in a second you’ll see her getting down on her knees and starts sucking him good and deep. Leilani will be fucked hard from behind, from side and in all possible position. She will ride and fuck wildly that dude and in the end you will enjoy watching her waiting for the cum to touch her juicy lips. Too bad that dude can’t remember a thing. Cum inside our website for the entire episode. Also, do not forget to check back next week for fresh content. Until then, join the erosexotica.org website and watch some beautiful babes getting fucked in many sensual positions!

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Leilani hungry for a big cock at Reality Kings

Hi, guys once again! Tonight we bring you yet another awesome production with your favorite ebony babe Leilani Leeane. This will definitely make your day, so get ready for a crazy blowjob session and jizz sprayed all over. Just sit back and watch Leilani in action! We guarantee you a night of pure fun and amazing delight.

Sexy Leilani is sucking that cock really good, taking it all inside her mouth, down to her throat, licking and twisting her evil tongue all over it while massaging the balls. From sucking to sucking, this babe become a pro and what can be more beautiful that watching a professional work? She will get the taste of cum that she deserves, taking it between those juicy lips and swallowing to the last drop. Her sexy body will be showed at the camera all naked. This babe got in front of oneself with this crazy hot update. She is very skilled in sucking big cocks, just like slutty Kelsey Obsession. If you need more prove, cum inside our website for the entire episode. Also, next week our babe will bring us some fresh content, so do not forget to check back then!

leilani leeane blowjob from reality kings

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